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Bracing System - Structural arrangement that ensures stability in Longitudinal Direction

What happens to a building when it is subjected to wind loads? Any building or structures, in general, must ensure stability in two directions (Lateral & Longitudinal) to safely transfer loads from the location of application to the ground. Considering a typical steel warehouse building something similar to the following image, when it is subjected to wind load along the lateral direction, stability is ensured by the portal frame action. Lateral Direction - Along width of the building Longitudinal Direction - Along Length of the building The column and the rafter connected using a rigid joint act as a portal to sustain the lateral loads that act on the building. So, the building is fine in the lateral direction. What if the wind blows in the longitudinal direction?  How longitudinal force gets transferred through the system? In the longitudinal direction, when the force acts on the gable ends of the building, the first component to interact with the load is the cladding materials (

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Wind Load Application Tool for PEB Warehouse

If you are a PEB Design Engineer, then you would definitely admit how tedious the application of wind load over a structure. That too specifically for a 3D model with different tributaries. The program which is being demonstrated would make this tedious task a walk in the park.

3D Model Generator in STAAD

BOM Extractor from STAAD

Iterative Joist Design Engine

This video is a demo of the joist design engine which creates the STAAD model as well as run iterative analysis to optimize the joist design. 

Slope Correction Tool

I came up with a new tool named "Slope Correction Tool", which would be helpful to correct the slope of any STAAD model and in alignment of rafter section to match the exact erection condition.
Here is a quick demo of the tool...

To get the Tools displayed in this page, drop a mail with the subject "Automation Tools" to the following mail ID or leave a message to the following WhatsApp number:


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